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There is something inherently attractive to the concept of touchscreen tablets used as a personal computing device. So is it possible that the concept of a portable computing device was ushered in our imagination by Sci-Fi works such as those mentioned above? 18 Related Articles Do Touch Screen Tablets Owe Their Popularity To Sci-fi? Users of Tablet PCs have two diverse computing options namely touch screen and digitizer. Yet only two decades ago, this technology was the stuff of Sci-Fi. Security Code: Change Image Related searches: Do Touch Screen Tablets Owe Their Popularity To Sci-fi? Gradually, the image of the tablet computer became embedded in the conscience and everyday lives of many people. Publisher: Martin Richardson Affiliate links are something we all have to live with in internet marketing, but unfortunately we sometimes find that unscrupulous people hijack them. We have them all in one place and find it normal to carry such an astounding amount of data around with us. 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